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Membership is the lifeblood of any Golf Club. Without a continuous effort to find and engage prospective members in the right way it can be difficult to retain the core numbers of your club. In the past there was a huge demand and waiting lists to most clubs, but this has changed a lot as the landscape has become very different from a digital marketing perspective. Your website should be set up to attract the right audience, and widen the exposure of a clubs offering.

Development work

A results driven approach

Prior to jumping into a website design process for your club we will first want to understand your key challenges. How will this new website serve your current members, and still strike that important balance to onboard the new. 

It’s essential that your website is easy to navigate. Allowing digital sign up in simple/logical steps will help streamline the application process. This can include capturing both one off and recurring payments.

Design & development

Tried & tested website design process

Building websites the right way means considering all areas that impact the outcome. Hybrid Anchor have benchmarked, tested and audited hundreds (approaching thousands of websites over the last 6 years). This places us in a privileged position in the market where we are used to looking for the flaws and weaknesses in websites that we can then avoid with our own client work.

How we would approach building your new Golf Club Membership website?

In the website architecture stage, the overall structure of the website is defined. This includes determining the pages, sections, and navigation of the site. The choice of technologies and platforms to be used is also made, such as selecting a content management system or programming languages. Additionally, if needed, a database schema is created, and plans for integrating third-party services or APIs are developed.

During the website design phase, we will work from the most important internal page and work our way outwards towards the home page. This will help establish the layout, structure, and user interface of the website. This stage focuses on designing the visual elements, including the selection of a suitable color scheme, typography, and graphics. It is crucial to ensure that the design is responsive and compatible with various devices and browsers. Feedback from the client is obtained to refine and revise the design as necessary.

The website development phase involves converting the approved design into a functional website. This stage includes building the frontend using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the user-facing elements. Backend functionality is developed, including server-side scripting, database integration, and dynamic content generation. Security measures, such as user authentication and data encryption, are implemented. Performance optimisation is also taken into account to ensure the website runs smoothly and efficiently.

Thorough testing of the website is performed to ensure its proper functionality. This includes functional testing to check that all features and functionally works as intended. Compatibility testing is conducted to ensure the website works well across different browsers, devices, and operating systems. Compliance with web standards and accessibility guidelines is validated, and usability testing is carried out to evaluate the user experience. Any bugs or errors discovered during testing are identified and addressed.

When investing in a new website, it is crucial to ensure a successful launch. In certain cases, we collaborate with our clients to implement a soft launch strategy, gradually introducing and testing features. During this phase, we provide promotional support and customised graphics to help you generate excitement about your new website. By doing so, we aim to drive initial traffic and generate the first few inquiries, setting a positive momentum for their online presence.

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed the design, development, and training phases for your new website. It is ready to be launched and start contributing to your online success. 

Golf Club video audit

Not Ready To Commit To A New Website For Your Golf Club?

Why not see if you need a new website or if you could just be due a tune up. Our website video audit service will help review your websites SEO footprint, Google my Business optimisation and take a deep dive into the entire websites setup. Hybrid Anchor are quickly approaching the one thousand audit mark and we have a great track record with improving golf club performance.

£250 +VAT
Security Scoring

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Case Study: Web Design & Performance for Southerness Golf Club

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