Materials Audit

What is a Materials Audit?

A materials audit for eLearning is a collaborative process where we work closely with you to review and assess the existing resources at your disposal. Whether it's slides, YouTube videos, webinars, podcasts, or any other valuable content, we aim to transform these materials into a cohesive and impactful educational program. Our goal is to help you reshape and repurpose your content, ensuring it delivers substantial value to the students engaging with your courses.

Value of your Content

Materials Audit

Maximising the Value of Your Content

During the materials audit, we will sit down with you to carefully examine your existing materials. Our focus is on identifying which resources can be seamlessly integrated into your course. Rather than rushing to deliver a platform, we prioritise the process of content shaping. Through our expertise in redrawing, illustrating, animating, and creating rich multimedia elements, we build a comprehensive library of assets that will enhance and enrich your eLearning course.

Elearning Workbook: 
Your Blueprint for Success

The ultimate outcome of the materials audit is the creation of our Elearning Workbook. This document serves as a blueprint for your new course, providing a clear and well-defined structure for content delivery. Not only can you leverage this workbook for your current program, but it will also serve as a valuable resource for all your future eLearning initiatives. 

When you collaborate with Hybrid Anchor on your course development, we assist you in transforming your content into a cohesive and engaging structure that seamlessly guides the design and implementation of your courses. When you commission a materials audit for your organisation, we will review with your material and build the blueprint with you, what can you can expect:

Comprehensive Review

In-depth evaluation of existing slides, videos, webinars, podcasts, and other educational materials


Recommendations on how to reshape and repurpose the content to create a cohesive and meaningful educational program.


Collaborative sessions to discuss and determine which materials can be integrated into the eLearning course.

By investing in a materials audit, you will build your own eLearning Workbook, serving as a blueprint that outlines the structure and organisation of the course, providing a foundation for all future program development.

Educational Content

Unlock the Potential of Your Educational Content

With our materials audit service, you can unlock the full potential of your educational content. By reshaping and repurposing your materials into a meaningful and impactful eLearning program, you can elevate the learning experience for your students. Our collaborative approach, coupled with our expertise in content shaping and multimedia integration, ensures that your courses are engaging, effective, and aligned with your educational objectives.

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