You can't improve what you're unaware of

Many businesses are often unaware of the small details that can impact their website's performance and success. There is no secret formula for online success. Every business aims to build the best website possible – one that is well-structured, user-friendly, and visually appealing. 

However, it's important to note that the rules and guidelines surrounding security, search engine optimisation (SEO), and performance are constantly evolving. This means that over time, websites can deteriorate from being great to good, and good to average. While website maintenance can help prevent the need for a complete overhaul every few years, there are other ways to protect your website. 

Similar to how cars undergo an annual MOT check after the first three years to ensure compliance with the law, a website video audit serves as an MOT check for your business website. We conduct a thorough review of your website across 13 categories, providing you with 60 minutes of valuable insights and observations to assess your current standing.

Small Improvements Lead to Significant Results

Small Improvements Lead to Significant Results

Website audits should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Regular audits allow you to closely monitor performance and identify any issues with your website. Whether you're considering a new website or simply haven't critically evaluated your existing one in a while, an audit serves as an excellent starting point. During a Business Website Video Audit, one of our experienced consultants will follow our proven review process, recording their computer screen so you can see the website and findings in real time. 

We introduced the video format for audits after realising that traditional reports often left clients confused about their website's performance. Clients would spend considerable time understanding the context of the feedback rather than the feedback itself. With video, we overcome this challenge and provide plain, honest feedback with a visual representation of what's happening on the screen, along with explanations of what's good or bad.

What to Expect from Your Website Video Audit

Our website video audits are packed with value, and we consistently receive positive feedback from clients regarding the issues and observations we identify. We assess your website based on your business objectives, always keeping in mind our commercial background and understanding of what matters most to businesses. 

When you commission an audit for your business, we align your review with your business goals and priorities, what can you can expect:

Comprehensive Review

A comprehensive review of your website's performance across multiple categories

Valuable insights

60 minutes of valuable insights and observations


Clear explanations of what is working well and areas that need improvement

Video Format

A video format that simplifies feedback and enhances understanding


Honest and practical recommendations to enhance your website's effectiveness


A visual representation of your website's strengths and weaknesses

By investing in a website video audit, you gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to optimise your business website and achieve your desired outcomes.

We have carried out website video audits for 1000+ great companies, and we would love to help you!

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How websites video audits work

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Focusing On What Matters

We are very attuned to the areas that drive website performance, and when we benchmark your website we don’t just run an automated scan, we manually check and carry out detailed analysis, in front of you on a live video recording of the consultants screen.

Screen Recording

Live Screen Recording

Having a video is the perfect reference source for this activity, you have the option of playing through, or jumping to specific sections. Many clients will carry out the changes themselves, use a freelancer or can engage with Hybrid Anchor to make the fixes needed.


Straight Talking Consultancy

We pride ourselves on having excellent communication and aftercare. We offer a straight talking audit in the strictest confidence. Every audit has a 30 minutes post discussion over zoom or google hangouts to answer any questions you or your team had about the findings.

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At Hybrid Anchor, we offer a value led, risk free approach to web design

Website Video Audits are invaluable, but they take time and require expert guidance to be effective. If you think it’s time for your sites MOT, or you’ve noticed a big drop in traffic and rankings – we can help. We understand that no two site audits are the same – so we’ll tailor yours to suit your goals.

Website audits. Comprehensive health checks for your website £250 +VAT