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About Teleta Pharmacy

Teleta Pharmacy is dedicated to providing its valued customers with a diverse range of high-quality aesthetic products. To enhance their customer experience, they sought to streamline their processes and transition to a fully online system, including a digital prescription handling service. They needed a trusted company with experience in building reliable and secure bespoke systems in the compliance space, and that's where Hybrid Anchor came in.

Teleta Pharmacy web page

Understanding The Challenge

Being trend-setters often means encountering unique challenges. For Teleta, taking their operations online posed difficulties due to strict regulatory frameworks already in place.

However, this didn't deter us. In fact, it fueled our determination to find a solution. Hybrid Anchor developed a system that digitised the entire process, including prescriptions, eliminating offline practices that hindered future business growth and streamlining the overall workflow. Not a physical piece of paper in sight!

Industry First WordPress OrderWise Integration

Industry First WordPress OrderWise Integration

The Teleta project presented complexities that standard systems like OrderWise struggled to handle.

To ensure success, Hybrid Anchor's developers built a custom order integration that significantly streamlined and expedited order fulfillment. 

One of the core advantages of partnering with Hybrid Anchor, as a software team, is our expertise in seamless integration and data migration. While other agencies might shy away from such complexities or prefer to outsource them, we thrive on handling these intricate technical tasks. It's our bread-and-butter service, and we excel at it.

Maintaining Compliance

Maintaining Compliance

Obtaining authorisation for prescriptions is a crucial step before fulfilling online pharmaceutical orders. This process was time-consuming and involved significant offline activities to comply with relevant legislation.

Hybrid Anchor created a transparent system that enables digital sign-off of prescriptions while adhering to the same standards required for in-store counterparts. Every transaction is fully traceable, compliant, and secure.

Cloud-based Prescription Software

Cloud-based Prescription Software

A key upgrade in this project was the separation of prescriber functionality into its own cloud-based system, allowing prescribers to manage orders without visiting the website. Recognising the growing need for enhanced online security, we collaborated with Teleta and a DevOps consultant to conduct a comprehensive audit, ensuring the highest level of security for Teleta's customers and staff.

Optimising Customer Experience

Optimising Customer Experience

A seamless backend system is only valuable if it can be accessed on various devices. The Teleta website is fully responsive, scaling appropriately on any device, and offers a convenient and mobile-friendly ordering process.

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