About FXR Sports

FXR Sports is a sports retailer based in Rutherglen, Scotland. Selling direct and through Amazon and eBay they are a strong performer in the Scottish sports market. FXR Sports reached out to Hybrid Anchor because of our experience working with other online sports retailers. They wanted to create a new sports brand and the online store to drive sales forward.

Competitor Analysis & Review

There are many top sports retailers in Scotland and the UK, which makes it a competitive market for any new brand to enter. Before starting any design work, we took time to analysis and contrast how other players in the market brought their products to market.

It’s important to know what your competition is doing, not to mimic what they do, but rather to understand how you will compete in a unique manner.


FXR Sports started out with a basic brand identity, but it was fairly generic and lacked the impact needed for a strong sports retailer. Hybrid Anchor worked with the team at FXR to understand the brand and direction they wanted to take it.

The logo was inspired by the concept of multiplied impact: F multiplied by R is the two original founders coming together to grow a company. The arrows hidden in the negative/white indicate that you are in the right place for the best quality sports equipment.


Branded products have to be quality vetted to meet the standards of the brand they represent. Hybrid Anchor worked with the client to ensure the merchandising met this high standard.

We often find ourselves looking at labels, packaging and other assets for our clients. The FXR logo had to work on a huge range of products and equipment including bandages, boxing gloves, skipping ropes and punch bags.

High Performing Ecommerce

‘Online-first’ is a term you hear a lot in ecommerce. Many companies can start as drop shippers, or with a warehouse or space set aside to hold stock.

There is no longer a need to have a physical store in order to sell or to be a successful merchant. As more retailers enter the online space to retain margins in sales, ecommerce will continue to thrive over brick and mortar stores.

Responsive Web Design

FXR Sports is built on the Magento ecommerce platform, which allows for custom integrations, back office and more advanced management. The bespoke design was adjusted to increase conversion rate as well as adjusted dynamically to the various device types and browser sizes. A huge percentage of sales now come from mobile and this website future proofs FXR to handle that increasing shift to mobile.

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