About Riverside Music College

Riverside Music College came to Hybrid Anchor looking to revamp and modernise their website. Due to their recent approval of .ac.uk status, they underwent a large rebranding exercise and were looking for the website to match this new move towards being a recognised college body.

Website Redesign

What once would have looked cutting edge can slowly fade as trends and styles change. Add to this how the market has shifted to become more tablet and mobile-centric and you can find many websites falling into an older style of design. Our designer was able to take the style and vibe and rework it into a modern context. The new website boasts a much cleaner and easier to use design that reflects the quality of the Riverside Music College brand far better.

Working with Legacy Systems

Riverside Music College ran on a system known as Joomla. While there is nothing wrong with older content management systems, they can cause issues regarding support and difficulty in finding developers still versed in working with those specific platforms. Our team was able to clean and adapt the existing code to the new design – effectively modernising it page by page for Riverside Music College.

Protecting the SEO Footprint

When moving an old website onto a new domain name, it is vital to protect the SEO footprint that has been built up over the years. Riverside Music College was mapped onto the new address and pages using a method of redirect that retains the link authority they had built up. This saves a lot of stress rebuilding SEO from scratch and is common to be missing in a new launch potentially costing clients thousands in revenue.

Streamlining the Application Process

Forms can be complicated, but if you want to see your sign ups, transactions or applications increase you need to streamline these processes. Due to the previous build quality, the forms on the RMC website were restrictive towards making this easy for the end user. During the build we sourced and tested three separate form plugins for Joomla before arriving at the best for overall user experience and importantly control for the client.

Fully responsive experience

Riverside Music College now boasts a strong responsive website that performs across all mobile and tablet devices. Accounting for the modern use of the web is a key part of RMC’s model to always be forward thinking and leverage the latest in industry technology. The responsive design allows for students to navigate, apply and engage on their own devices.

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