About Cameron Intellectual Property

Cameron Intellectual Property was established in 2011 and serves clients across the United Kingdom and globally, with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and London. As patent, trademark, and design attorneys, they work with talented individuals daily.

Cameron IP sought the expertise of Hybrid Anchor several years ago due to our background and experience in compliance-led sectors. We excel at simplifying complex business challenges and creating engaging experiences that are easily understandable for customers.

Understanding the Challenge

Cameron Intellectual Property aimed to tailor their content to suit the new markets and regions they are targeting. When networking on a global scale, personalisation becomes crucial. Collaborating with the internal business development and marketing teams, we created a digital strategy and implemented changes that would better position Cameron IP in the USA and other regions.

Internationalisation, Personalisation & Variation

A significant, often overlooked aspect of web design is the ability to customise and dynamically adjust elements based on data obtained from website visitors. By utilising information such as IP addresses, browser settings, and language preferences, we can accurately determine the viewer's location and deliver content that is most relevant to their demographic and region.

In a world of tailored services, technology allows us to bring that personalised experience to your website, benefiting your prospective customers. From spellings and currencies to photography and menu structures, all aspects can be tailored. If your business offers services in specific regions only, instead of displaying numerous apologetic text, we can hide irrelevant information from specific regions.

Knowledge Library

As a leading patent attorney firm, Cameron IP has compiled a comprehensive library of content, videos, and guides to assist clients in navigating the complex realm of protecting their ideas, products, and brands. Working alongside Fiona, part of the internal marketing team, Hybrid Anchor optimised the content and navigational structure, making it easily accessible on the website with just a few clicks.

Improving on the Brand Images

One of the main challenges faced by compliance-led industries is effectively conveying their services through visuals. This can be particularly difficult for consultants or businesses involved in extensive patent reviews and paperwork. For Cameron IP, we chose to focus on showcasing what they protect, highlighting stunning examples of design and innovation. This places their clients at the forefront of the website, in line with the Cameron Intellectual Property brand aesthetic.

Fully responsive experience

With the increasing prevalence of mobile phones and tablets, over 80% of online users access websites and systems via these devices. The changes we implemented for Cameron IP were designed and tested with this shift in mind. As a result, customers can seamlessly access and navigate the website, regardless of the device they use. This responsive design ensures a consistent and engaging experience.

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