About VectorCloud IT

VectorCloud’s mission is to help businesses with old or compromised IT systems to modernise and refresh their hardware. They use their expertise and experience to design, build and run IT systems that are resilient and allow for growth. VectorCloud came to Hybrid Anchor looking to update their website after a management buyout. They wanted to reflect the new direction the business was taking and consolidate their offering.

Brand Proposition

As the company were headed in a new direction, we took them through a brand proposition exercise – VectorCloud were asked to write an explanation of their business in only 4 words. Then again in a few sentences, as a short paragraph and a long paragraph. This helped them to focus in on what they do as a business and what they wanted to convey to potential customers. Each written piece had to distill to the same focal point no matter the length or detail. The material written was also then used within the site and to create a strong strapline and brand voice.


In modernising their business, VectorCloud were looking for a slick new logo similar to those found in Silicon Valley rather than some gimmicky logos they had used in the past. We were able to facilitate this by sketching lots of concepts and styles to explore different options. Once we found a route we thought appropriate, we consulted the client and went forward to create the final logo. Using the brand proposition as inspiration, we were able to create the strong, type-based logo the client desired that accurately represents their business.

Promotional Materials

We rolled out the new brand identity and used it to create assets for social media such as banners and promotional graphics. We also worked closely with VectorCloud to design a bespoke brochure that clearly explained their services and used case studies to communicate their success with past clients. This brochure was produced in print and as a flexible digital version that could be customised for future potential customers.

The website itself required many diagrams to explain VectorCloud’s solutions and key points within their services and case studies. Each diagram (around 30 in total) was digitally illustrated to best display the processes

Landing Pages

We advise investing in SEO or paying for Google AdWords to drive traffic to your site. The problem with directing users to the homepage or service pages is that these pages are not optimised for keywords and cost you more per click. We often use a proven strategy of creating bespoke landing pages for each campaign. This ensures that you spend less per click as the page is highly optimised. VectorCloud benefited from this for their regional IT support campaign.

Responsive Web Design

Being an IT company means VectorCloud consider security an important part of their business. Hybrid Anchor pride ourselves on producing highly secure websites as standard but it is all the more essential when the client is a market leader in security in their own right. Having team members with experience in software development, we are used to working with web applications that take security more seriously, something we have transferred into web design. VectorCloud is built on the WordPress platform making it easy to use but there are loopholes hackers could get through. We have a wealth of experience at finding those loopholes and shutting them down – ensuring our client’s, and their own client’s, web safety.

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