About DC Thomson

One of Scotland's best loved companies, spanning many sectors, from publishing to radio. DC Thomson is one of the leading media organisations in the UK. As part of a recent acquisition, DC Thomson reached out to Hybrid Anchor to bring us on board for eCommerce and UX consultancy to review the integration of a new personalisation engine.

Ecommerce Consultancy

Hybrid Anchor were contacted to review DC Thomson’s user experience and design as a consultancy service. DC Thomson were specifically looking for feedback after a recent acquisition.

They had acquired a product and were looking for how it could fit into their current structure. At the time DC Thomson were building an in-house eCommerce agency and wanted a fresh pair of eyes on the situation.

There were multiple discussions at various locations around Scotland regarding what they wanted from the project and what that would entail.

The consultancy was delivered 1-2-1 or in small groups. We focussed on their check-out process and optimised it for best practice.

Planning the Widget

DC Thomson had purposed a particular software that was custom for their requirements. They wanted to integrate it into their current structure. They weren’t sure if this new software would be able to be integrated or if it would work alongside what they currently used.

Hybrid Anchor’s solution was to plan out how that widget actually worked. What would the user experience and the design of the widget be? We worked out what could actually be done in terms of integration.

Hybrid Anchor worked with DC Thomson to create wireframes to anticipate any issues and make the operation of the widget seamless. This was also done to simplify the process for the customers and add some fun engagement aspects.

The result was that we developed a clear plan for the technology, both how it connected to current software and systems and also that the design was clear for their team to implement it.

The Prototype

Rather than just blindly jumping into a build, we designed an interactive prototype that would allow us to capture user experience feedback.

Using the wireframes we were able to build and overlay designs to test it with their customers. We invited people in who would be interested in using DC Thomson’s product and got them to use the wireframes to search for specific things so that we could see how they used and navigated the overlays.

This gave DC Thomson really good feedback about what was working and what needed improving.

User Testing

We can’t do user testing without the user. We choose to offer advice when we have useful information or we are just giving a best guest.

With DC Thomson we built up scenarios and tests with 10, 20, 30 people. We want to see what they think about the application. Where they struggle and what they enjoy etc.

Our testing was successful and the widget did end up getting integrated into DC Thomson’s systems. It also showcases how Hybrid Anchor can work with existing teams as DC Thomson had marketers and developers. We fit in as user experience and eCommerce consultants.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Rather than assuming what a user wants, Hybrid Anchor like to know for certain. We want to know that everything your customer uses is adding value and is essential.

DC Thomson are now learning from our feedback sessions and have gone on to make changes to their basket and personalisation on various sites.

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