About Cycling Scotland

Cycling Scotland delivers a range of programmes, including the Cycle Friendly Employer Program, designed to help Scots, in all walks of life, to leverage the myriad benefits of cycling.

Executive Summary

Cycling Scotland’s nationally recognised Cycling Friendly Employer Program supports organisations to encourage cycling as a healthy, sustainable and accessible way to commute. Their legacy application system was not fit for purpose, negatively impacting staff and business efficiency while slowing the application process and, ultimately, awards of ‘cycling friendly’ status in Scotland.

The Challenge

The primary challenge Hybrid Anchor was to identify where the underperforming system was creating inefficiencies in the Cycling Scotland business. John and his team had to accurately map existing user flows, identify the gaps impacting productivity and understand the offline processes contributing to inconsistencies in the application process.

A comprehensive understanding of the Cycling Scotland business and the existing UX was the key to devising a coherent strategy to fundamentally improve the system. 

Hybrid Anchor Success

By carefully examining on and offline processes, Hybrid Anchor was able to highlight areas where automation and alerts could expedite application procedures. Through this logic driven process, Cycling Scotland realised the entire Cycle Friendly application could be taken online. This drastically reduced their reliance on inefficient and confusing admin practices and allowed staff to focus on business development and improvement disciplines.

Cycling Scotland required expert management assistance to ensure the success of the migration project. Hybrid Anchor worked alongside the Cycling Scotland team throughout the agency tender process by helping to short-list candidates based on their UX experience and technical skill sets. John and his team also implemented robust quality assurance procedures designed to ensure all features and functionality in agency proposals were delivered and executed exactly as promised.

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