The Supplier Development Programme (SDP) sought assistance in transforming its webinar content into a comprehensive set of 13 procurement courses. The challenge was to design and build course content in a SCORM-friendly format files compatible with their Moodle platform.

This case study highlights our collaboration with SDP, focusing on course design, video editing, graphic design, and expertise in SCORM compatibility. The results achieved showcase the successful conversion of webinar content into interactive eLearning courses, empowering procurement professionals and optimising their learning experience.

Course Design: Tailored Learning for Procurement Excellence

Collaborating closely with the SDP, our instructional design team meticulously analysed the webinar content to create highly engaging and targeted procurement courses. By incorporating instructional design principles, we ensured that the courses were structured to meet specific learning objectives and delivered a comprehensive understanding of procurement best practices.

The tailored course design empowered learners to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for procurement excellence.

Video Editing: Enhancing Engagement through Dynamic Visuals

We employed professional video editing techniques to enhance the learning experience. By editing and enhancing the webinar recordings, we created visually appealing videos that brought the content to life.

Dynamic visuals, combined with expert narration, captured learners' attention and facilitated better understanding of complex procurement concepts and processes.

 The inclusion of engaging videos elevated the overall eLearning experience, promoting active participation and knowledge retention.

Graphic Design: Visualising Procurement Concepts

Our graphic design team played a vital role in simplifying complex procurement concepts through visually compelling graphics and infographics. By transforming abstract concepts into easy-to-understand visuals, learners could grasp and retain information more effectively.

The strategic use of graphics and infographics enhanced the courses' visual appeal, making them engaging and accessible for learners at all levels of expertise.

Working with SCORM: Seamless Integration with Moodle Platform

To ensure compatibility with SDP's Moodle platform, we expertly converted the courses into SCORM format files. By leveraging our proficiency in SCORM standards, we seamlessly integrated the eLearning courses with the Moodle learning management system.

This compatibility allowed learners to access the courses directly through the Moodle platform, track their progress, and benefit from interactive features such as questionnaires, assessments, and progress tracking. The successful utilisation of SCORM ensured a seamless and efficient learning experience for procurement professionals.

Results: Empowered Procurement Professionals & Measurable Impact

Another great eLearning project. The transformed webinar content now exists as a comprehensive set of interactive eLearning courses, empowering procurement professionals with the knowledge and skills required for procurement excellence. Learners benefitted from engaging course materials, dynamic videos, and visually appealing graphics, enabling them to understand complex procurement processes more effectively.

As a result of the successful eLearning project, SDP solidified its position as a leader in supplier development, driving excellence in procurement practices and creating a lasting impact in the industry.

The collaboration between SDP and Hybrid Anchor exemplifies the power of eLearning in empowering professionals and transforming industries.

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